The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is excited to be a part of your event and appreciates your request for funding! We want to inform you of the following requirements:

  1. Be inclusive and welcoming
  2. Broad outreach: You must publicize your event to all students who may be interested in your group and event – GSC funding comes from all grad students so it must be directed to all grad students. Outreach efforts may include tabling, posters, Facebook postings, and announcements via listservs. Ethnically-oriented groups can contact their respective academic area studies centers (e.g., Stanford India Association advertises to the Center for South Asia listserv). Please CC on any such listserv emails so that GSC is aware of your outreach efforts.

    Inviting language: Use open language in emails and promotional materials, and invite participation from all grad students. Avoid implying that only certain groups are welcome. For example, do not advertise by inviting only “Spanish-speakers” or “kayak enthusiasts”. Instead, please also include “students interested in the Spanish culture and language” or “students curious about kayaking”. It is even simpler to just state that “everyone is welcome”.

  3. Submit your event to the GSC Calendar
  4. This is a prerequisite for funding. If your event is not listed on the GSC Calendar by the Wednesday GSC meeting at which your funding request is voted on, your funding request may be denied or postponed. If your event is not on the calendar in time to be listed in at least one Grad Events email before the event, GSC may revoke already-approved funding for your event. The GSC calendar can be found at Instructions for submitting an event to the calendar are at

    When submitting your event, you must include:

    • Your organization’s full name (no acronyms).
    • The up-to-date time and location.
    • A briefly description of the event and activities.
    • The type of food (if there is food).
    • A note that non-members are welcome.
    • One or two of the following hashtags (anywhere in the description text): #academic | #cultural | #family | #free-food | #off-campus | #ticketed | #professional-dev | #misc (see example at the bottom of this page)
  5. Put the GSC logo and/or the text “[co-]sponsored by the Graduate Student Council” on your promotional materials.
  6. This is a prerequisite for funding. We want to ensure that graduate students recognize GSC both as their student government and as a welcoming funding resource. Image files of the GSC logo can be found at the bottom of this page.

    These three simple steps will improve the openness of GSC-funded events, and we look forward to supporting your activities!

    Best regards,

    Graduate Student Council

Advertising GSC Sponsorship or Co-Sponsorship

As a condition of receiving GSC funding for your event, you must include one or more of the following in each email, flier or promotional material advertising your event. Please note that the logo images have been scaled down on this webpage and are both appropriate for electronic or letter-size print fliers. For poster-size print fliers, please use the larger logo. Email for the larger logo.

  • Sponsored by the Graduate Student Council
  • Co-sponsored by the Graduate Student Council

Using Hashtags in GSC Calendar Postings

Please tag your GSC Calendar events for our new and improved Grad Events emails! These 8 tags will be incorporated into our new system: #academic, #cultural, #family, #free-food, #off-campus, #ticketed, #professional-dev, and #misc. Please use one or two of these tags anywhere within the body of your calendar posting. Any other tags and text in your event posting will be searchable but not used to categorize your event in the Grad Events emails.

Here are a few examples:

  • Join the [VSO name in full] for the annual [festival name] feast! [History of festival] [Date and time] [Location] Everyone is welcome. #cultural #free-food
  • Are you passionate or curious about [sport, activity, etc.]? The [VSO name in full] is offering a [sport, activity, etc.] workshop on [date, time, location]. All levels are welcome. Event is free but you must reserve tickets via [method]. #ticketed
  • Come to [event name] for #family fun in the sun. There will be balloons, children’s games, #free-food, and much more. [Date, time, location] Everyone is welcome.