Rosie Nelson, GSC Co-Chair
Constituency: School of Education
Department: Graduate School of Education
Jennifer Hill, GSC Co-Chair
Constituency: School of Humanities and Sciences – Social Sciences
Department: Sociology
Dan Walls, Financial Officer
Constituency: School of Engineering
Department: Chemical Engineering
Isa Rosa, Funding Committee
Constituency: School of Engineering
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Juan Lamata, Funding Committee
Constituency: School of Humanities and Sciences – Humanities
Department: English
Megan Conlon
Constituency: School of Humanities and Sciences – Natural Sciences
Department: Biology
Shanna Chu, Funding Committee
Constituency: School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Science
Department: Geophysics
Alejandro Schuler, Food Czar
Constituency: School of Medicine
Department: Med/BMIR/BMI
Ryan Roberts
Constituency: School of Law
Department: Law?
Gabriela Badica, Social Events Chair
Constituency: At-Large
Department: Division of Literatures, Cultures and Languages
Kari Barclay, Parliamentarian
Constituency: At-Large
Department: Theater and Performance Studies 
Natalie Deam
Constituency: At-Large
Melanie Malinas, Funding Committee & Financial Literacy Coordinator
Constituency: At-Large
Department: BioPhysics 
Gregor Quack
Constituency: At-Large
Department: Art & Art History 

Officer only
David Hsu, Secretary
Department: Electrical Engineering
Todd, Social Events Coordinator
Department: Something Engineering
Miguel Garcia, Equipment Manager
Department: Biology

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